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AVON – Ding Dong! Has a New Ring for the Avon Lady


Avon boasts 160,000 Representatives in the UK, with an estimated 8 million customers, one in three women have at sometime bought an Avon product. Quite impressive, but are their soldiers, the Avon Ladies of today, finding it harder to gain new customers or have the staying power to beat the streets in their search? The days of Mrs. P.F.E. Albee, the very first Avon Lady are diminishing. The Internet has potentially put paid to waiting for the Avon Lady’s arrival with the new brochure, most consumers are empowered by the “net” to search for the latest beauty products as they need. So are we seeing the end of the famous Avon Lady?, I believe not!

Whilst we all live “busy” lives there is no substitute for the one-to-one service the Avon Lady provides, the girly chats, the touch and feel of sample products in the customers own home is still preferred to the glossy “flash”, “java script” powered images on the internet. But finding customers in the first instance is increasing hard for the Avon Lady. Knocking on doors in hope of finding the lady of the house at home is less fruitful than 25 years ago when most wives stayed at home rather than go out to work. Correspondingly, many women when asked today about Avon, will say that they have bought Avon previously, love the products but the Avon Lady just stopped turning up! There I believe is a major problem for Avon, the mortality of Avon Representatives.

So what for the new Avon Lady? How can she be kept motivated and can new technologies help? How can she adopt internet marketing strategies whilst still maintaining that one-to-one customer service? How can Avon not only keep their customers serviced but retain their Representatives? Using the internet to keep in contact with and find new customers is a key strategy. However, despite our obsession with text and internet social networking, there is in the main a lack of adopting internet marketing techniques by the Avon Lady. Equally training and support provided by Avon Sales Leaders to the Avon Representatives does not promote harnessing the power of new technologies to their best effect.

There are some Avon Sales Leaders who have adopted a new technological approach to marketing, They recognise that their success rests on the quality rather than quantity of the sales representatives they nurture and their ability to retain and develop their customer base. Sales Leader support should include constantly searching for new and innovative ideas to gain new customers, whether that be via the internet or more traditional methods. Many representatives are using the major social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to advertise their representation as an Avon Rep. But there are many other ways to promote and market the fact that you are “here” ready and willing to furnish a brochure and take that order. So some Avon sales teams are embracing new technologies, reducing the need for shoe leather and gaining more and more new customers.

The days of Mrs. Albee are not dead, just the marketing strategy for the new Avon Lady is changing…less “Ding Dong….Avon Calling” more “Ping… new email arrived”.

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